May 350 Blocks Project Report

Well, I started out with a bang, then life got in the way! All these blocks were finished up the first week of May.Green Bay Blocks

These of course are more 9-patches for the Green Bay Packers quilt – 26 total. These were the last of them and I am quite a ways into the process of sewing them together for borders.

I have a couple of baby quilts to make and I love using Mary’s Strippie Quilt pattern – it is so easy and quick to put together. Here is the first one -

Baby Girl quilt

I am counting this as 6 blocks – each of the pink, brown, floral, and brown sets was sewn together (there are 5 of those) and then there is one left over pink strip to sew on.

As you can see, this one is pink and brown. I have more fabric that is pink and gray and I hope to get that one worked up pretty quick as that baby is already born! I want to quilt both of them at the same time…save a little time and fabric that way.

I have also been working on more blocks, just not finished with them. I am almost finished piecing the units and am actually paper piecing them. You will see why when I am finally post them!

For the month, I completed a total of 32 blocks to give me a year-to-date total of 209 blocks. Not too bad!

Now you just need to skip on over to Shelly’s Prairie Moon Quilts to see how everyone else has done.



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Spring if finally here!

Some signs of spring around here….


I have always wanted to hunt morel mushrooms, and have looked and looked but never been able to find any, so a couple of weeks ago I went over to a friend’s home who has hunted them successfully since she was a little kid. Cathy and her husband, Paul, took me around their fields and woods and they showed me what to look for. It has been a very dry spring so there weren’t a lot of morels, but we did find a few. Here is one  that was absolutely perfect, and I think this is the first one I found by myself.


Another morel in some leaf litter.

My hope was once I found out what kind of places they like to grow I would be able to find them here in our woods. I spent quite a bit of time looking here and have decided that our woods are just plain the wrong type. This land was clear cut and the timber all harvested off it a long time ago. Now the timber is all the same age and is mostly oak.   Also, since the ice storm in 2007, the woods were devastated. Now there is so much underbrush, mainly nasty things like some kind of invasive vining plant, poison ivy, multiflora rose, and other noxious species. You can barely walk back there now.

I didn’t find any of the signs that Cathy and Paul showed me that were good indicators of mushrooms. Cathy and Paul’s land was more open and had a wider variety of trees. They had a bunch of Ash trees as well as shagbark hickory, oaks, and pines. They didn’t have the invasive species such as locust or hedge that we have here. Hard to believe they are only about 15 miles from us!

I did find some other stuff….deer skull

I found a deer skeleton complete with the skull. This was a doe.

box turtle

Isn’t he cute? Cathy and Paul said that turtles frequently eat morels as do turkeys.

yellow flower

This was a pretty yellow flower. Not sure what it is called, but there were quite a few of them around.


Beautiful clover and flowers.

baby tree

This beautiful plant is actually an oak seedling. They were everywhere at Cathy’s.

I had a wonderful time with Paul and Cathy, learned a lot, and hope to find some good morel hunting land for next year.

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Ella’s quilt is finished!

Ella finished up her quilt last week.

Ella binding


Here she is working on the binding. We stitched it down on the longarm, then finished it up with the sewing machine. She did really well!

Ella's quilt!


I can’t wait to see it washed! Great job, Ella!



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April 350 Blocks Project Report

I barely squeaked by under the wire on this month. I finished 30 9-patch blocks this afternoon to meet my goal for the month. Sure, they are just 9-patch blocks, but I need them for borders for a quilt that will need to be done in June. I still need 24 more for the quilt, but this deadline gave me the incentive to get them started.

9-Patch blocks


These 30 blocks bring my total for the year to 177. I am still ahead, but I need to keep plugging along!

Jump on over to Prairie Moon Quilts and see how everyone else has done this month.

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4-H Quilting with Ella!

I have a group of 4-H students I am teaching to quilt. Two of the girls, sisters Ella and Rory, didn’t have a working sewing machine at home, so they have been coming here to the house to work on theirs. They have been working hard and both have their tops finished. As they finish their tops, I am going to teach each of the girls to quilt on my longarm.

This week we have been concentrating on quilting Ella’s top. Yesterday she spent some time with a practice piece on the longarm and learning to follow a pantograph. This afternoon she quilted a couple more rows on the practice piece, then we loaded up her quilt,

Ella quilting


This was near the end of the quilt, and her curves were getting much smoother and she was much more comfortable.’

Ella close up

She was concentrating! She did phenomenal on the quilting and the back looks awesome also! I will have more pictures as we finish it up completely.

Ella and quilt

Here she is with the quilt.

Next up – binding!

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