Hello and welcome!

Well, I am climbing on the wagon and starting a blog. I have seen so many wonderful blogs among the folks that quilt that I just couldn’t resist trying also. I am also taking on a challenge from Judy Laquidara to post a favorite cajun recipe and photo on my blog….the prize for one lucky poster is a gift basket of Slap Ya Mama cajun seasoning courtesy of Judy. Obviously, can’t post a link, recipe, or photo unless I have a blog! Well, and then there is the fact that my hubby is the cook in the family, so I will have to get him to cookin’ some gumbo! Judy just jump-started me on the blog and got me to do something I have been thinking about for a while anyway.

It is COLD here in Missouri. We are only in the lower teens, and windy, with a dusting of snow….the birds at my feeders are on a non-stop feeding frenzy. I am having to fill my feeders several times a day! At least it is not an ice storm!
These photos are of two of the birds on my back porch this morning. I love to watch birds and look at their beautiful coloration. The female Cardinals are beautiful close up. Couldn’t get a good photo of one though, so you are stuck with a male. We also have a lot of mourning doves visit. This one stayed for quite a while on the railing.

I will post later about quilts I am working on. I have several in the works, as well as a couple of customer quilts to do.
Judy L. also inspired me in one of her posts earlier this week. It really doesn’t matter if anyone else reads this blog. This is kind of a “scrap book” for me of my life and the things that go on in it. This way I can look back at it in several years and laugh or cry and remember the little things. Maybe some day, my kids or grandkids will look back at it and say, “Can you believe what Grandma did?!”, or what they did and said when they were small.
Well, back to work! Have to go grocery and cricket shopping this afternoon after the kids wake up from their nap. (The crickets are for “Mushu”, our Oriental Fire Belly Toad, not for spicing up the ham and bean soup we are having for supper!).

Stay warm and be careful out there!

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