Saturday at our house

Good morning!

Jeff, Michael, Mike, Dan and Tim all left for duck hunting on Stockton Lake at about 5:30 this morning, so it will be just the kids and I for a while. They aren’t up yet, so I am getting some computer time in before the madness starts.

It is pretty cold – 22 degrees – so I don’t expect the guys to be gone too long unless they can’t find any ducks. Also with five of them, it takes a little longer to get a limit than with just two or three. Thank the Lord for UnderArmor! They just don’t make long undies like they did five years ago. Amazing how technology has come along! I would have loved to have those when I was training horses on a cold 22 degree day or a cold night on patrol….
I promised to show you what I am working on. I don’t have photos of my finished tops in progress, but I do have the EQ pictures. Both were created in EQ6 prior to ever cutting out any fabric. I LOVE EQ!

Both are baby quilts I am making for friends. This one actually has a Route 66 theme. I used a modification of the Road to California block for the pieced blocks – I thought that was quite appropriate for the mother road! I found photos of the actual fabrics I used in this quilt online and used those to color the quilt with the correct fabric.
The other is a flannel with prints. My mother-in-law and I got those flannels at Hancocks, and I couldn’t find a maker printed on the selvage, so couldn’t find the fabric photos online. I used an approximation of them in solid colors instead. This quilt has two very simple 8″ blocks in it – Diamond in the Square and a Four X or Hourglass block. It is a straight set 3X3, with a 4″ pieced border around the 9 main blocks to make it appear to be larger, on-point, more complicated blocks. You can see the corner blocks of the outer border – I had planned to cut them at a 45 degree angle after quilting it as a visual reinforcement of the angles in the rest of the quilt. I don’t yet know if I will actually cut them off or not. It would make for a unique quilt….

Both tops are done. I am in the middle of piecing the back for the Route 66 top. I am using up odd pieces on the back, and doing a little extra. The end effect is hopefully going to be the illusion of various sized roads. We will see if it works or not. The piecing on THAT has been quite creative! I haven’t even started the back of the flannel quilt, but I have really large pieces of fabric left from the top and will use those for a basic back.

I have a Christmas panel that I fell in love with on my Gammill right now. It has Cardinals on it. I used a stripe for a simple border on the panel and actually did mitered corners on it. That was my first attempt at mitered corners and I did it ala Sharon Schamber style with Elmer’s Washable School Glue. I was very pleased with the results. I don’t yet have pictures. I will try to get one today while it is on the machine and post it. I hope to finish the quilting today.

A friend, Jennifer, is coming over after church tomorrow. She is just beginning to quilt again. She started a quilt with my help about five or six years ago but never finished it – life, husband, and kids got in the way. Her husband Dan calls it “the Seven Year Quilt”. She had originally started it for her first child who is now five. Well, child number three is due in May, so she will definitely have it done for him or her! We are starting to get together once a week so her two kids (ages 5 and 3) and mine can play while we quilt. Girl time….Good for both of us and a good break for the kids. The big decision always is – “Are we going to ‘trash’ my house or your house this week?” referring to the kids …LOL.
Well, there are signs of life so I better get going!

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