Quilting time today!

Well, Jennifer and I were able to get together after church today to quilt. Jeff watched the four kids and ran “interference” for us. Jennifer had a little more quilting to do on her top and was able to finish it up on my Pfaff. Once that was done, I began teaching her how to do binding. I use Sharon Schamber’s glue basting method and absolutely love it. We made the binding and got it stitched down on the front. I showed her how to turn it over, glue it on the back, then stitch it down. She should be totally done with her “7-year-quilt” this week. She was REALLY excited to with the progress we made!

Jennifer is also going to join me in doing a First Saturday/block of the month type thing at Merrily We Quilt Along, a local quilt shop. That should be fun and will be a great way to continue to show her how to stitch new blocks and put it all together. This has been really good for both of us to get together like this. Give us some girl time amongst the kiddos…..LOL!

Tomorrow I am going to work as much as possible on a Quilt of Valor. Kimmy Brunner posted a challenge on another list for anyone who would take it on to work on/finish a QOV as an act of service tomorrow, MLK day. Here is the link to Kimmy’s blog for those interested …. http://kimmyquilt.com/blog/. A gal named Alycia is the wonderful lady who started the project. Alycia’s blog is here – http://alyciaquilts.blogspot.com/2008/08/our-quilt-of-valor-project-no-soldier.html. The goal was originally 400 quilts in May to cover all the wounded in the unit – they now have 700 soldiers there. We need 300 MORE!

Another of my goals for this spring is also to do a QOV for a local boy. I worked with his father until September. The boy was hurt in an explosion in Iraq the first part of December and is currently in Florida undergoing rehab. I am not sure when he will be coming home, but would love to give a quilt to his dad to take to him…. though I am not sure how warm a quilt he needs in Florida, he can sure use it when he gets home!


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