Promised photo of QOV blocks

Well, it is Wednesday evening and has been another hectic day!

Here is the photo I promised of the Quilt of Valor I am working on. You can see they are off-whites and various greens. See how muddy they look? And that just isn’t the green background either! I am so hopeful it all looks better when it is together. These pieces are 8-patch blocks and 4-patch blocks. When sewn together they will be 16-patch blocks that will be alternate blocks on the quilt. Alycia’s blog has photos of examples of the finished quilts on her blog at It is the “not so top secret” project. I couldn’t get photos to upload – more learning to do on Blogger!

Jeff is traveling, so the kids and I visited some friends this afternoon. Walt and Deb have been close friends for the last 12 years. Walt taught me how to shoot a handgun and shotgun, reload, and all the things that go along with shooting. I fell in love with the family and with Deb. Walt and his boys have also taught me a lot about fixing machinery. I would have never bought an old 8N Ford tractor without their support and help with the maintenance. They rebuild old cars and motors. I will have to get photos of some of their vehicles…very nice! Walt showed me their latest project today.

Prior to my marriage and the arrival of the kids, I was at Walt and Deb’s house about three or four times a week. Deb was one of the matrons of honor at my wedding. Here is a photo – Deb is on the left, I am in the middle, and my prayer partner, Shelly, is on the right (Just a warning – if you have Shelly pray about something….hold on to your hat, because things are going to happen!).

One of Walt and Deb’s sons is getting married in March. This will be the first wedding in the family since I met them. Their daughter, Kim, got married two years before. I am planning a quilt for the newlyweds. Already have it drawn up in EQ6, just have to find the perfect border fabric to tie my colors together. Their shower is in February, so they will probably only get a quilt block….LOL! I have been known to give quilt tops at showers along with a note saying if they want it quilted and bound to give it back to me! Haven’t had anyone complain yet!eq6_41


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