Snow Day! Woo Hoo!

This first photo was what we woke up to this morning! This is the view from our back deck showing the snow on top of the railing. We got a few inches of very dry snow on top of all the sleet and ice we had from the last couple of days.

The second picture really shows a lot of the damage to our woods from the ice storm of 2007. So many trees down, or bent, or broken.

The kids were SO excited…snow! We waited till almost 11:00 AM to go outside and it was beautiful…not a breath of wind and the sun was starting to peek out of the clouds. The snow was gorgeous and just sparkling. The kids both ate snow constantly. They also wanted to make “Frosty” the snowman and also snowballs, but the snow was just too dry. We did a little sledding and they played in the “bounce-oline” (their word for the trampoline – after all, they do bounce in it!) .

The photo of the dog is our dog Lucky. He was supposedly a full-blooded lab when Jeff got him, but as you can see, there was something in the woodpile somewhere! Maybe some Rottweiler or he has short legs almost like a Basset Hound. Wonderful with the kids….and he would definitely take a leg or more off of anyone or thing that tried to hurt the kids or me!

Michael and Jeff went scouting today to possibly do some goose hunting tomorrow, so they didn’t get home until just before dark – but when they did, the games were on with Michael, Mini-me and Munchie!

They had a blast sledding down a hill in our front yard. The boys were more into sledding and Munchie was making snow angels, upside down (or upsi-over in her words) on the hillside.

Michael pushed both Mini-me and Munchie down the hill, and naturally, you will see, that Mini-me HAD to push Michael down the hill also!

This morning I was also able to get some sewing done. Since school was out today (and is tomorrow also!) Merrily We Quilt Along is closed and I won’t be able to get a new bobbin case for my Gammill. I have resigned myself to no quilting for now, and am trying to get a lot of sewing done between playing in the snow.

I finished a pieced back for a Route 66 baby quilt I am working on for some friends. I love the way pieced backs look, but this one really reminded me why I don’t do them very often – or at least not intricate ones. This one took almost longer to sew together than the front did. But you Stashbusters will be happy – the last photo is the only remants of the fabric that I had left over from what I bought for the quilt! Woo hoo!

I’ll post photos of the Route 66 quilt when I am done quilting it and will show both the front and back. It is pretty unusual for a baby quilt!


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