Where has the week gone!?

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already! Where has the week gone? I have done a little piecing, though no quilting to speak of. I was able to finish piecing a baby quilt top. This is of a strip quilt that went together so fast. It has a multicolor butterfly print as the main focus fabric. The other two are a delicate yellow print and a bold purple for accent. I still have to put together the back for this one. The color on this first photo is more accurate than the second close-up photo. This quilt pattern came from Mary Johnson’s site – http://maryquilts.com/ . It is a WONDERFUL site with lots of really cool patterns.
Tonight I hope to work on quilting the applique quilt some more. I would like to get a couple more of the applique blocks finished. We will see how it goes. I am doing a lot of SID. Applique blocks look better (I think) with some straight line stitching in the background, whether it is crosshatching or beadboard, or something similar. The piecing is not perfect in this (though it is difficult to see) so I was afraid those would accentuate the crooked parts. So my solution was to SID in the half-square triangle parts of the applique blocks.
Well, I wrote the earlier part of the message this afternoon, before I took Mini-me to the doctor. Mini-me is sick – he’s been running a fever since Monday morning, so I took him to the doctor this afternoon. He has an adenovirus so can’t do much for him. He sure hasn’t acted sick today! He has been wound tighter than a clock….could be the gummy bears he got for a treat. A little bit of sugar goes a long way for him! In other words, I didn’t get any quilting done today. Mini-me’s sickness also means Jennifer and I can’t get together and quilt tomorrow….bummer.
I ended up working on my blocks for the wedding quilt tonight. The shower is this weekend, so I am going to wrap up several blocks and give them to the bride with a note attached that if she wants the rest of the quilt, finished, quilted, and bound, she will have to give them back to me! I have done completed TOPS this way before, but never just blocks…LOL.
This photo shows the blue fabrics I am going to use. I am kind of short on straight blues in my stash. Most of my blues have some kind of bright juvenile print on them. I would really like this quilt to be blues with “zingers” of orange/yellow/red to add color and excitement. You can see in the photo of the completed block below that I am letting a little purple and green tones get into the quilt. Even then, I am probably going to have to go buy some more blues. I am on No-Buy with Stashbusters, so will have to see if I will have to pay penalty charms if I do buy some. Oh well, it is for a good cause!
The block itself is a modified Pineapple Blossom from Bonnie Hunter’s site. Since I want to use the orange/yellow/reds in the center, I wanted two rows of blues beyond that – a light to medium blue, then a medium to dark blue. The finished block is 10″ square, so I am dealing with 1-3/4″ strips to start with. Anyone familiar with this pattern will probably notice a goof in the orange on this block. I started out doing it like a log cabin, which meant I had two of the four strips the wrong length. Talk about disgusted. I got out Bonnie’s directions for the Pineapple Blossom and found I had cut them out right, just started piecing them wrong. The two blue rows are correct. At least I don’t have to re-cut out all the orange/yellow/reds!

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