Crazy Weekend

It was a crazy weekend and I am just now coming up for air.

Friday was the first Saturday pickup for those of us who pick up our blocks on Friday for Merrily We Quilt Along’s Block of the Month. I was also going to pick up an extra bobbin case but the one I bought the week before was their last one, so the only buy I ended up making was a shade of red thread to use on the applique quilt. I resisted buying ANY fabric! Woo hoo!

I did take time to look at a couple of quilt shops for a mainly blue with a little orange fabric, but didn’t find anything. Those are not popular colors right now. I have found some Robert Kaufman Colorific fabric that I think would work really great for the borders on Keith and Angie’s quilt. You can see a picture of it above. I just can’t find any of it in person, and I really like to see what I am buying to make sure on the colors before I spend that much. I will keep looking… This would also be a “legal buy” for my Stashbusters No-Buy commitment.

The Hunter cooked gumbo while I was doing my running around. He took photos and documented the whole process, so I will be posting about that later today. He is the BEST husband in the whole world!

Saturday morning, the Hunter and Big Brother had a baseball camp. They took Mini-me along with them while Munchie and I stayed home and cleaned up the house for visitors Saturday evening. They got home and Munchie and I left for the wedding shower for Angie and Keith. That went really well. Keith got a Mater soap dispenser (from the Cars movie) to go with his Lightning McQueen bath mat. Angie has HER bathroom, and Keith has his own that he is free to decorate the way he wants. Someone at the shower made the comment they won’t have to re-decorate Keith’s when they have kids….it will fit right in! LOL.

From there, Munchie and I came home and folks started getting here about half an hour after. It was wild! We had Corey and Leah and their two kids (6 and almost 4), Dan and Jennifer and their two kids (3 and 5), Big Brother (12 going on 4), Mini-me (4), Munchie (4), and Megan (16). Basically eight adults and six kids under the age of 6. I was very pleased that all the kids got along so well – no fights, no one injured. That is a successful get-together with kids!

Sunday was busy with church and then playing outside in the nice weather. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done on quilting!

I did get the add-on longarm business program from Bona Robinson on Sunday. We had some problems opening it, as she created it in QuickBooks 4.0 and I just got QuickBooks 2009. Bona still uses 4.0 because it is a better, more flexible program for an accountant professional. Intuit has “dummied down” (my words for it) Quickbooks to make it more user friendly for those of us who are not conversant in accounting. Anyway, 2009 will not open a 4.0 datafile, even though their website says it will. Bona and I dealt with that quite a while on Sunday and she finally converted her 4.0 file to QB 2001 and emailed that to me. I was able to open that with no problem.

I got a super-great deal on Quickbooks. Office Max was running a coupon code special where the price of QB was 29.99! I couldn’t upgrade my Quicken program for that hardly! Couldn’t resist the price…so here I am. I spent all day Monday almost getting my business financial stuff together enough to start entering the info in QuickBooks. I didn’t actually start my business until the middle of last year, and did not do a good job of documenting stuff. So I have been going through receipts and all that separating standard quilting expenses from longarm business related expenses. The big thing is where do I put all this in QB and how does it work? It has been a definite learning experience. But when I am finished I will have all the business records in QB and will have tax stuff ready for the Hunter when he does taxes. I hope NOT to work on this today! I need a break!

I will post the Hunter’s gumbo recipe later today…


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