Horses, a bear mailbox, and a quilt finish!

Tuesday was GORGEOUS here. I think the high got up to 72 degrees. It felt like spring. It was a good thing, too, because we had a “date” with the horseshoer at the barn and I had to take Mini-me and Munchie with me since Jeff is gone.

This first photo shows them sitting on buckets in the aisle of the barn watching the shoer work on Silky. Silky (in the second picture) is Mema’s old show mare, but is the kids’ favorite of our two horses. She was born in 1982 if I remember correctly, so has been around the block and seen about all of it. She doesn’t get too excited about anything, but will still hump up on occasion, trying to get her bluff in when you first get on her.

The kids didn’t stay on the buckets for long – they mainly played in the sand in the round pen…FUN digging!

Then when the horseshoer was finished, we played with the horses at the fence. Silky is the thinner of the two and has the white star on her forehead. Spinner is the really FAT one. I think she gets fat on air…we don’t feed her anything hardly – just enough to pen her away from Silky so Silky can eat in peace.

Spinner is my mare and her registered name is actually Spinocchio. She was bred to be a reining horse as that is what I did in another life! One of the manuevers reiners do is called a spin, hence the name. I had thought of Spinderella for Spinner’s younger sister, but that name was already taken!

The photo of the horse walking toward me is another photo of Spinner – I think she is beautiful, but then I am a prejudiced mama also….LOL

As you can see, Munchie’s all-time favorite is Silky. If Munchie is pretending to be a horse, she is named Silky…

After finishing at the barn, we stopped by Deb’s house to pick up some stuff. Deb’s son, Keith, and his fiance, Angie, are in the process of buying a house, so Deb and the kids and I loaded up and went to look at it. We took the back roads and Deb pointed out this really cool mailbox. Have you ever seen anything like this?

It is all hand carved and set into a concrete base. The driveway was a very long lane leading off the road, and you could see about half way back the owner had another tree or stump standing up and was actually working on another of these! Ain’t it COOL?!

Once we got home, Mini-me and Munchie had to play in the woods and blow bubbles until dark. You can see how warm it is…short sleeves in February!

The last picture is of a wall hanging I finished the binding on this week. I fell in love with the cardinals – reminds me of the ones that feed out our back door.

Today, Wednesday, I actually spent several hours quilting Sue E’s applique quilt. I am almost finished with all the SID and straight line quilting. The rest should go much faster!


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