More Not So Ugly Monkeys…

Here is my second Not So Ugly Monkey block from the Stashbuster’s challenge. This is the Old Maid Puzzle block, modified slightly. The third full square should have also been the same dark green as the other two, but I modified it because I was putting four of the six inch blocks together to make a single 12 inch block.

I also finished some Community Quilt blocks for the Ozark Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild. They give out a pattern for a block every month with some guidelines for color in it. Members bring completed blocks, then they are later assembled into quilts that are donated for various community purposes.

This block is a Double Sawtooth. That was January’s block and I have only done one of those so far. The two heart blocks were for February, and I finished two of those. If I have time I will do another Double Sawtooth.

I also made and printed out labels on fabric for two of the baby quilts I have waiting to quilt. I am going to quilt these directly on the backs instead of adding them after the quilting is done. I haven’t done that before, and I will be interested in seeing how it comes out.

Jennifer and I met at Merrily We Quilt Along to pick out some red fabric for her First Saturday quilt she is doing. The quilt is all browns, blacks and white. Jennifer wants to put it in her bedroom and would like some red in there also. We will work on those blocks some when we meet on Thursday to quilt.


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