Superior thread and Slap Ya Mama giveaways

Well, my random number didn’t come up in either drawing. Bummer….Oh, well. As I emailed to the gal that one the Slap Ya Mama seasoning package, we were all winners because of the wonderful recipes! Thank you Judy L. for that contest!

I didn’t win the Superior thread drawing either. I have to place an order this week anyway….LOL. They were both fun though.

I spent most of today working on Sue E’s applique quilt. Almost finished! Maybe an hour or two more to go on it. Should get it done tomorrow and that will be a BIG relief! Jeff, Mini-me, Munchie and I all went to get a big round bale for the horses this afternoon. The kid’s hadn’t been to Ron’s place in a while and were really excited to see Ron’s dogs. He has three very lovable dogs – they played while all us adults talked.  Too cold and windy to stay out long though.

Our neighbor across the street did a good one today. They must have been burning something, and it got away from them. They were trying to stop it by carrying buckets of water out into the woods! Do you know how dry it is here? And how windy it was today? They obviously did not grow up on a farm….big no-no in our book. Well, by the time we got back home from getting hay the fire department was out at the neighbors. That was our big excitement for the day.


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