Entertainment with M & M

Matt in bootsWell, Munchie and Mini-me were playing around today wearing Jeff’s mud boots. Mini-me started it – goofing around wearing both of them. He was SO cute as they came all the way up to his little bottom cheeks. But when I pulled out the camera, naturally, he wouldn’t cooperate. So I only got this one decent photo of him – from the back…..LOL. I have NO clue what he is doing…

Jeff would wear these boots 24/7 I think. He says they are the most comfortable shoes or boots he has ever worn. He also says something about looking like a hick…..hmmm.


Nikki in bootMunchie LOVES having her photo taken, so once she figured out the boots would get it done, she had to get in on the act also. Here she is wearing one of her princess dresses,  standard wear around the house, and is standing with one foot in one of Jeff’s boots. She is balancing on the one foot, posing as any princess would.





Nikki on batting barTheir other method of entertainment is to play on the batting bar under my Gammill. Munchie does gymnastics on it almost daily and today, Mini-me was doing it also.







Matt on batting bar I love the photo of him lounging across the bar between two rolls of batting. He always has to one-up Munch if he can….must be the testosterone….LOL. This was as close to my Gammill as I got today….



Ever have those days where you are on your “last nerve?” This was one of those days….

I didn’t get any quilting done – ended up working on the checkbook all day. Balancing the checkbook is NOT my favorite activity. I am one of those it has to come out to the penny or I get all stressed and spend a month looking for the problem….UGH. On the good side, I also got all our transactions for 2009 set up and entered into Quicken. I think this year I will actually be able to keep up with it unlike in years past. I am also hoping it will greatly help the balance the checkbook stress.

I had an exciting surprise in the mail today! At first I thought it was the fabric and kit for the elk quilt I bought the other day, however, it was my Dukes of Hazzard twin bed sheet! Woo Hoo! Dukes of Hazzard sheetThis is one of the sheets I will be using for the backing for Keith and Angie’s quilt. Paid a little more than $5 for the twin size sheet. I would like to pick up another one also. Depends on how cheap I can find them. I refuse to pay “quilt shop material” prices for a Dukes of Hazzard sheet manufactured in 1982! I am also glad it is going to be on the back, because this would give me nightmares on the front! But the colors are going to go wonderfully with the finished quilt (no, it is not even close yet!).

Rowenta travel ironI purchased an iron the other day. My travel iron I used in my sewing room bit the dust. I finally found a Rowenta travel iron and thought I would give that a try. Most travel irons are supposed to be hotter than the regular irons. Don’t know about this one yet. I really like the weight and construction of it though.

We will see.

Busy day tomorrow! One thing to look forward to – we are going to make duck sausage this weekend! Yay!


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