Quilting tomorrow….

with Jennifer. All our kids are actually healthy and we talked today and it is a go. Woo hoo! I think Jenn and I have both missed it these last two weeks. We are going to work on Jenn’s quarter-inch seam and get that consistent before we go any further on her First Saturday BOM quilt.

I already put a box together to take to her house. Generally I don’t do any sewing when I go there, too much trouble to take the machine and get it all set up. I REALLY have to get the rest of Angie and Keith’s blues cut out for their wedding quilt. I am using that as leaders and enders for other projects while I quilt. I  need to mark 480 some 3″ squares on the diagonal for the corners of the blocks…enough to keep me busy between corralling four wild kids. I need to remember to take my camera over to Jenn’s with me and get some photos.

We generally end up getting all of the two families together for supper that evening. Mostly it consists of  some Little Ceasar’s pizza or something simple like that.

Did some more planning work on Sue E’s applique quilt. I won’t get it totally done tomorrow morning, but would like to be really close to finished. It would be a HUGE relief to get that quilt back to Sue this weekend or the first part of next week! My quilt guild meeting is next Tuesday evening, and I have those two baby quilts I would like to get quilted prior to guild! It would be wonderful to have some show n’ tell.


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