Photos of current (and future) projects

Elusive package by Toni WhitneyThis is my next big project. I saw a couple of horses done in applique on quilts at MQS last year and fell in love with the style and realism. I finally found out who the artist is – Toni Whitney and found other project she has done. I purchased this one – yes, I fell off the Stashbuster no-buy wagon, but very purposefully. I want to learn the technique and then would like to create some of my own wildlife quilts. So this is a training quilt – plus, it will look really good hanging over our staircase!

Elusive fabric packThe fabrics used in it are all batik and are shown here. I will take and post pictures of the process as I do it, because it will sure be a learning curve! LOL.

Sue E's applique quilt overallThe big news for me is that Sue E’s quilt is done. It came out beautifully. I hope she likes it. I think she will come to my guild meeting tomorrow night and pick it up there. It will be fun to show it!







All the photos are close ups of some of the quilting. I stitched in the ditch around all the applique blocks, in the pieced work in the blocks (instead of doing some other straight line quilting), and in the frames around the blocks. I used Golden Threads paper to copy some of the other quilting designs, punched multiple copies with my DSM, and then stitched over the paper so the motifs would be consistent. You can see bits of the paper in some of the photos. The rest is freehand.






























































The other big news is that the Route 66 quilt is on the frame! I am almost done with the borders and a good part of the interior quilting. I have done the top and both side borders and have marked the bottom one. I am going to do the Route 66 logo in the black on white triangles. We will see how it comes out. Don’t really have a whole lot left to do!

Route 66 quilt - corner marked

Route 66 quilt on the Gammill - marked


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