What a weekend!

Wow, what a weekend! We got a LOT done and I can’t believe it has been since Wednesday that I last posted….Let’s see, what has happened since then?

Jenn and I actually got together and quilted on Thursday. We swapped a couple of fabrics in our First Saturday blocks for this month – I liked hers better and she liked mine….LOL. Worked out well. We also worked on her 1/4 inch seam – hope that will help and give her some ideas on how to fix it if her blocks start coming out wrong sizes.

Matt and the princesses - Nikki and AddisonI cut out almost all of my medium to light blues for my Pineapple Blossom quilt. I also worked on my alternate blocks for my green QOV. I am using that as leaders and enders for my other projects.

You can see what the kids do while Jenn and I quilt. Addy and Nikki always have some kind of princess/dress up clothes on and Matt is chasing them around harassing them. Nikki and Addy must have posed for 10 pictures like this, but were too wiggly to get any of the others that weren’t blurred!

The BIG finish for this weekend as far as quilting goes is that I am finally done with Sue E’s applique quilt! I am so excited to have that off the frame and am really pleased with how it came out! Woo hoo! I will trim off the batting tonight and take pictures after the kids are asleep. I will post them tomorrow probably.

I already have the Route 66 baby quilt on the machine and more than half the border and some of the interior is finished. It is so nice to have a “square” quilt on the frame with no wavy issues to take up time! I would like to finish it today or tomorrow as I would really like to take it to my guild meeting tomorrow night.

Another big finish for this weekend was we made duck sausage. We got together with Dan and Jennifer and had a big sausage making afternoon. We made 18 pounds of sausage – 10 pounds of  bratwurst and 8 pounds of kielbasa. We cooked some for supper that night and you talk about GOOD! Mmmmmm. Only one big problem, I forgot to take my camera, so I didn’t get the process photographed. Oh well.


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