Quilt guild meeting tonight…

and I almost didn’t get to go. Jeff’s dad and step-mom had agreed to watch the kids for me tonight, then Ellie called this morning and said Megan (her granddaughter they have custody of) was sick with bronchitis and was infectious…..something we definitely did NOT want to share. So I scrambled to find someone else to watch them and finally called Jennifer to see if she knew anyone that could watch them. Being the wonderful, caring friend that she is, she volunteered to watch them for me….Whew – that was close. I was almost going to have to take them with me – at least to drop of Sue E’s quilt! I have tried that before…that is when they were banned from going to quilt shops with me (at least both of them at once!). I think they climbed on the bolts of fabric, then got to sliding trash cans around on the wood floors…you get the drift….

It was a full meeting so I didn’t get to see everyone else’s “pizza boxes”. We had done a round robin-type exchange where we each put two yards of fabric in a pizza box and pass it to the next person on the list. That person took our fabric and made a block out of it. The next month we passed the boxes on to the next person…and so on every month. This was to be the big “unveiling”, but the meeting ran so long, I had to leave to get the kids. BUMMER – I didn’t get to see what anyone else had!  We have some incredibly talented ladies in our guild and the blocks have been beautiful in the past.

The meeting went WAY too long….ever heard of short and sweet? I am also afraid I got a little rude when our president, near the very end of the meeting, was droning on and on about how inspiring show and tell was….picture me tapping foot because I needed to get Sue her quilt, get that done, pick up the pizza boxes and I should have picked up the kids 20 minutes earlier…so she continues droning on about inspiration from show and tell when I hollered out, “So let’s get with the inspiration!” I did apologize to her later, and it wasn’t her fault the meeting had gone so long, but I think there were numerous women cheering me on….who just weren’t brave enough to do it themselves. I never did have much sense, or “couth” as I called it when I was growing up (as in un-couth for those unfamiliar with my hillbilly).

I will photograph the blocks that came back to me along with my original fabric. Hopefully I will post them later this week. I picked up Cathy’s box also since she couldn’t make it. She has some gorgeous blocks! She will just have to wait to see them….LOL.

The challenge with these blocks is that we were kind of “challenged” to make them different sizes to make them more interesting to put together. I have everything from 4″ blocks to 12″ blocks! One is probably 10″ by 8″ rectangle. Cathy has one diamond that is probably 8″ by 15″ that is really cool. I would probably put some corner triangles on that one and make it a rectangle.

Well, I better get at it. I have a Bible study to do before morning!


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