Supergirl, Superman, a little quilting and some Knock Out roses

Munchie and I were looking through one of her notebooks that she draws in this afternoon and I wanted to share with you some of what I found. This first photo is a drawing of Munchie in her cowboy hat.

Nikki's drawing of her in her cowboy hat

The second photo is one she drew of Mushu, the Hunter, me, Mini-me and her. Mushu is the light green critter up above the rest of the family – that might be because he lives on a counter top in the kitchen so she is always having to look up at him. I am the orange one, the Hunter is brown, Munchie of course is pink, and Mini-me is green.  I love her use of color!

Our family and Mushu, drawn by Nikki

The third picture is one Munchie drew of a whale swimming in the ocean. She told me the whale’s name, but she gives her critters such long, unpronounceable names that I can’t remember them most of the time, much less spell them to write them down.

Nikki's whale drawing

Picture Munchie and I sitting on the floor and thumbing through this notebook. She is telling me about each drawing and who or what it was and what they were doing. This next one, when we turned to it, she said, “Those are your glasses, Mommy.” Now tell me, don’t those look pretty amazingly like my glasses? The shape of the lenses and everything? I also swear the sides are bent that much also from the kids knocking them all the time! LOL

My glasses drawn by Nik

I just couldn’t resist sharing those. I thought they were wonderful.

I did some quilting this morning on the Route 66 quilt. Frog stitched the places I messed up the other day and worked on some other parts of it. I also finished piecing all the blocks for my QOV and laid them out on the floor to set them. I don’t like the contrast, or rather lack thereof, in the blocks, but it will be pretty anyway. Hope to get it pieced later this evening.

LasagnaI also spent this morning preparing two 9×13 pans of lasagna – one to freeze and the other to eat. I was going to take it to Jennifer’s for supper tonight after we quilted, but we ended up not getting together. I think we were both too exhausted and just wanted to chill at home. The Hunter will be REALLY surprised that I have supper all ready to go when he gets home from Cleveland tomorrow evening! Not often that happens…LOL.

The kids watched the Superman and Batman movie today, and when we went out to play they both had to wear their super-costumes. Mini-me always wears a dish towel cape. He was Superman today. Except after seeing the real Superman, he asked me if we could cut his cape like Superman and paint it red….. I see a trip to the fabric store coming for some kind of cheap nylon fabric that will float well in the wind when he runs to make a cape out of…… Munchie calls this pair of pants, shirt, and pink boots her Supergirl outfit. I think she wears them every day. She will start out in something else, then before you know it she has this outfit on again. I hope someday to get her version of Elastigirl on video….talk about a hoot! Big Brother asks her to do it every night before bed and we all just roll…

Supergirl and Superman

The weather was up in the 70’s again today. It has been warm enough the last couple of days that I have leaves starting to bud out on my Knock Out Roses by the front porch.




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