Finishes for Saturday

Green QOV topI actually got quite a bit of quilting done today! I finished the green scrappy QOV top. It actually turned out better than I expected. It will be fun to get the quilting done on it and then bind. The greens are still not my favorite – I much prefer brighter greens! It is also one row longer than what Alycia’s Not So Secret Projectquilt calls for – maybe for a taller soldier. If you want more information about this project you can click on Alycia’s blog to the left of here and check out what she is doing. More than 400 quilts for the soldiers there in Colorado!

Green doll quilt from left over QOV scraps

This next small quilt is from six left over blocks from the QOV top. I will still add a border to it – need to shop my stash to find one suitable. This will be for my quild – the doll quilts are anything from 18×18 to 30×30 and are given to kids at a local shelter along with a doll or stuffed animal.

Doll quilt from leftover Community blocksThe red quilt is also a doll quilt. This will be the finished size (about 20×20) and is made from leftover half-square triangles from the heart blocks made for Community Quilts last month.

These quilts were all from my stash too! Yeah Stashbusters!

February Chocolate BOMThe block made of tans and browns is my February First Saturday BOM at Merrily We Quilt Along. This is the third block we have finished and is also the one Jennifer is doing. The scaly looking brown fabric is the one I traded with Jennifer. She ended up with one that looked like bark or something. I liked the contrast with this one much better. The other was all very busy when put together.

WIIing with Mom & Dad

This evening, Big Brother, Mini-me, and Munchie and I all went over to Mom and Dad’s for supper. Dad got Mom a WII for their anniversary, and wanted to share the excitement (and get Big Brother to show them some of the tricks). Here you can see the steering wheels. Big Brother and Dad and Mini-me are all playing MarioKarts. Pretty fun actually. I can see how it would be addicting and NOT good to have around all the time! Mom and Big Brother also bowled. Naturally, Big Brother has done ALL of the games before and is quite good at them! It was very frustrating trying to play with a four-year old in my lap and them trying to run the show……Big Brother beat me most of the time, especially when I had help. Then he and Mini-me beat me and Munchie several times in a row! The Hunter was sick today, so he didn’t go. Figured he didn’t want to share….


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