Busy Week!

Busy, but I have gotten a lot accomplished. I actually finished and bound the Route 66 quilt, so it is ready to go after I photograph it. I also finished quilting Isa Kaelin’s quilt. Don’t have the binding on that one yet, but am done with the quilting.  I was still having issues with my tension, so am going to have to put a couple of practice pieces on and go to town with trying to figure the problem out. I have notices that on occasion, it is almost like the bobbin is not quite in the bobbin case correctly. The tension on my TOWA gauge can be off the scale, then I can readjust the bobbin within in the case and it will be that perfect 220. So, I am not sure. I am going to be very careful when seating my bobbin case into my machine and see if that helps….plus some of the other basic stuff. More to do…….UGH!

Today, the whole family went to Mom and Dad’s and cleared downed limbs in the pasture – most still remaining from the ice storms. We took the chainsaw as most of these were too big for mom to move by herself. I chainsawed for two hours straight and now have cramps in my right hand as I am typing! The Hunter, Big Brother, Mini-me and Munchie all helped haul limbs to the burn piles. Just a note – the Hunter would have been happy to do the chainsawing, but it is something I LOVE to do. I used to go down with my chainsaw on my days off and clear out brush in the pasture. Sick aren’t I? LOL.  Munchie built rock piles for Memaw right in the middle of cleared parts of the pasture….have to move those before it is time to brushhog!

One of the highlights of our morning at Mom and Dad’s was that there were a pair of geese on their pond. The kids all went to down to check them out, and scared off about 8-10 Gadwalls also! I can’t remember how long it has been since I have seen wild ducks down there. There actually isn’t much water left, as silt has filled most of the pond in. Big Brother was thrilled and kept saying he could have had them!

This afternoon, I actually finished piecing my Mariner’s Compass quilt. I only had three borders to piece and put on. That was a big accomplishment! Can’t wait to quilt is, as this will be my first full sized quilt for one of OUR beds! All the quilts I have made, and I don’t have one for our beds!

I will try to take pictures tomorrow and get them posted.


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