QuickBooks, quilting, duck sausage, and family life….with TWINS!

What that basically means, is that I haven’t had much time to post lately and I have missed it!

I have been working on my business taxes and trying to finish that. Plus I purchased QuickBooks Pro 2009 at the really great price of $29.99 at the end of January, so have been trying to get all my historical data into that (just since July of 2008, so not too much).  I decided last week that I needed more help with QuickBooks than I could do alone or with a reference manual…so I called an old friend who is an accountant and now teaches at a university. She is going to help me get everything set up…WHEW! Can you hear that HUGE sigh of relief? I know once it is set up I won’t have any problem with it….it is just all those, “What in the hay do I do with THIS?” questions that keep coming up. Needless to say, I have been wasting, I mean spending, a lot of time on that.

Duck Sausage - BratwurstI finally got a photo of the duck sausage we made a few weeks ago with Dan and Jennifer. Talk about GOOD stuff! We are still “tweaking” the recipe, and when we finally get it right I will post it for anyone who would like it. MMMM – don’t they look good! I even bought some spice mustard the other day to go with it. I lived in Germany for almost three years training horses and grew to LOVE mustard with sausage. We had it most mornings for breakfast – with fresh baked brochen (German rolls). Eating the duck sausage reminded me of that…so I had to get something spicier than French’s!

Jeff and Matt - cookingMini-me is really enjoying helping the Hunter cook. Big Brother is already quite an accomplished cook at age 12 – he does a lot of the cooking at his mother’s house, and Mini-me will be following in his footsteps. It really helps the boys to see their dad cooking and enjoying it. In fact, the kids here think all daddies cook and all mommies clean up after dinner! LOL. I have tried to explain that we are an exception, but it just doesn’t sink in to 4 year old brains. They are actually making a salad here. The Hunter was cutting up the peppers, onions, and stuff, and Mini-me was putting it in the bowl. Very rare right now that he prefers spending time with his dad over me, so I just had to take a photo of it!

Tudor Rose blockThis next photo is of the first March block for the Stashbuster’s Sunshine Sampler AKA Ugly Monkey Quilt. The block is called the Tudor Rose. I had to modify it slightly to get some yellow into it. The additions are the small yellow triangles in the corners of the block. I still have one other block to do for this month – Mrs. Keller’s Nine Patch.

The Hunter and Big Brother are taking the Hunter Safety Education courst this weekend put on by the Department of Conservation. Seems there are lots of hunting accidents during turkey season, so if the Hunter wants to take Big Brother out for the youth hunt, the Hunter has to have his certification also, even though he is old enough he is not required to have it for anything else.

Well, I will post more this weekend! I have other news, and other quilting projects finished, just have to have time to get it on the computer!


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