Animal Paradise

Animal ParadiseAnimal Paradise near here had a special for the first two weeks of March – anyone living in in the county could get in free for up to four folks per car. I hadn’t been since I was little (back when it was Exotic Animal Paradise) and thought the kids might enjoy it. So, while the Hunter and Big Brother were at the Hunting Safety class, the kids and I drove to Strafford and went to Animal Paradise.

Here is the sign. It was really nice as we were almost the first people there. We didn’t have to pay anything to get in, but we did get some bags of food for the animals. The food looked like range cubes that we used to feed cattle in the winter. We used them as a “treat” to get the cows up everyday and to check their health and for calves.

They have a “petting” area and a walk through area with some of the animals that can’t range free. We drove through the “drive-thru” area first.

pict7241The kids had a great time. There were bear cubs when you first drive in. They were very playful and running and wrestling with each other. Helped that it was feeding time! You really had to watch the ostriches, emus, and rheas, as they would all stick their heads in your car windows. While I was dealing with something on my side of the car, one of these birds stuck its head in Mini-me’s window and picked at his pants looking for food! Mini-me was NOT happy with that.


ZebraThe only other mishap for the morning was when I was watching a critter back at Mini-me’s window and made the mistake of having my window rolled down at the same time. A big billy goat jumped up with his front feet on my door and looked in the window. I shooed him down, but he left some scrapes on the door.Stinky rhino The Hunter said they will buff out. I did stay away from any of the more “pushy” critters that might do more damage to a vehicle. I saw other people that had whole animal’s heads and necks in their car.


DeerThere were a lot of different varieties of deer and hooved animals, including domestic animals. The Hunter and Big Brother would have been in “goose heaven” as there were more geese there than anyone could count. There were quite a few small lakes built into different valleys across the property. The ground was VERY rocky, and the animals have it eaten down to bare ground pretty much. Across fences, where no animals were allowed, there was an abundance of grass and brush. I don’t think they have to do much brush-hoggin’ at Animal Paradise.


ZedonkThey had “zedonks”, a cross between zebras and donkeys. They also had a cat called a Liger – a cross between a male lion and a female tiger (I guess the other cross would be called a Tigon). This cat looked fairly young and the sign indicated he wouldn’t be a year old until May. In one of the large cat enclosures, they had a lion and a tiger together. Maybe mom and dad? There was also a white tiger. Some of the animals looked like they might be “rescues” – maybe that had been confiscated from someone who wasn’t supposed to have them and then were not able to be released to the wild or couldn’t be released.


Mema gave us tickets to the Shrine Circus, so we will be going to that this week sometime. Probably either Wednesday or Thursday. The Hunter and I have a date to go fishing on Friday! Woo hoo! I don’t know if we will be able to dig the boat out of the garage or not, it has accumulated so much “stuff” around it! One of the things to work on this week….




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