Sunday quilting time!

OPQG Baby Quilt 1Big Brother was still sick, so we made him stay home from church today, and I stayed home with him. I was able to get a LOT of quilting and QuickBooks stuff done!



Terry Twist in blocksI almost finished a baby quilt for the guild. It is a really cute, bright quilt with a 36-patch center and then three borders – one at 1½”, one at 2½” and the last at 4½”. The squares making up the center are 3½” finished. Overall size is about 40” by 40”, which is a very nice size for a baby quilt. I am planning on making some of these with the fabrics I have as I have about five baby quilts to make in the next three months!

Freehand ribbon meanderI finished it Monday morning, and have added some photos of the quilting. All this was done on my Gammill. Love that machine!

 First I stitched in the ditch around the borders to stabilize the quilt, then I used a freehand Terry Twist in the center blocks. The outer, green border is done in what I call a ribbon meander.

Border quiltingThis was one of the few times I have used a polyester batting (what they provided). That stuff “crawls” and you really have to watch it for pleats. Most of my own quilts have cotton batting in them. Good experience for me!

Matt & Nikki in on the actionI was taking pictures of this quilt on Monday, and the kids HAD to get in on the photo action…..Karen Overton has Pixie the quilt model, well, I have Mini-me & Munchie, quilt models! Look closely down below the quilt in the last photo… can see them sitting on their toy chest which is right behind my quilt hanging rod.

Next I will be putting Sue S’s quilt on my machine. This top is from the 2007 First Saturday quilt at Merrily’s shop. I will take a picture as soon as I am ready to load it. The sashing for this quilt took some time, and Sue’s piecing is VERY nice.

I finished this month’s block for the First Saturday blocks at Merrily We Quilt Along. It was a block called Hovering Hawks. I was also able to get the black frames on each block I have finished so far. I will post photos in the next post.


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