Circus day today!

The kids have been counting down until today when they could go to the circus. They went for the first time last year and have never forgotten it. We went to the 11:00 show this morning to beat the crowds. It was really nice and not so crushed as the Saturday show we went to last year.

The absolutely first thing we had to do was to get some cotton candy. Mini-me was in heaven and downed his whole one in nothing flat. Munchie (not a big sweet eater, takes after her dad) only ate about 1/4 of hers and saved the rest. I did learn one thing last year,  after sitting through a whole circus performance with two squirmy three-year-olds with sticky, melted, wet, cotton candy hands and faces, I took a LOAD of wet wipes! It made the whole performance MUCH more enjoyable!

Munchie sits there totally entranced by what ever is going on. Her favorite was the elephants and also the white ponies. Each pony was decorated in a different color with their manes and tales colored to match. Which was her favorite? The pink one, naturally! She also imitates the emcee, who just happens to be a woman with a wonderful voice for announcing. She has that circus roll to her voice…Mini-me was too busy looking at the light saber souvenirs that were for sale or looking for more cotton candy to pay much attention to what was going on.

I didn’t take my camera with me. I thought about it, but then when I thought longer and realized I was going to be dealing with two kids, their gear or stuff, and then try to keep the camera clean, I gave up on the idea…so no pictures to share. The circus is actually a local circus that travels nationally. Their winter home is about five miles from where we live and is right around the corner from my inlaws.

It was a great time for the kids and me. We will definitely do it again next year! They came home and I put them to bed and didn’t hear a thing out of them. They were tired.


A friend, Kerri, came over and spent a good portion of yesterday morning working on my business accounts with me. She is an accountant, and gave me some ideas on how to handle things I was not sure of. I still have some calling to the IRS to do to figure out exactly how I need to handle a couple of things, then I will be able to get my business tax stuff done.

I have also decided I am going to start QuickBooks from the beginning of 2009, and not to try to go back and catch everything from 2008. That will come AFTER taxes…LOL.


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