Fishing day for Jeff & I

pict7425Woo hoo! The Hunter and I got to go fishing, ALL DAY, ALONE on Friday! Grandpa Mike and Grandma Ellie watched the kids for us all day while we went to the lake. Mini-me and Munchie were pretty disappointed they weren’t going with us, but it was just too cold for them – in the forties when we started. Plus, it was nice to get out there alone.

pict7422I was surprised the trees around the lake weren’t blooming more. I expected to see some color, but the only trees that really appeared to be budding were the willows. I took my camera, but it still looked too bleak and wintery to take many photos. We caught a lot of bass – mostly just keeper size, but the Hunter did catch one 4+ pounder just before we had to leave. He could catch a bass in a wash tub…..really good at fishing. He can remember exactly what spot he (or anyone he had in the boat with him) caught a fish, the size of the fish, the weather and lake conditions, the time of year, what bait and rod he was using…..pretty amazing. I can’t remember what I caught earlier the same day! That is what made him a competitive tournament fisherman!


I have posted a couple of photos of some really cool rock formations from the lake. I love looking at the rock formations, the trees, and the wildlife. One of the same reasons I like duck hunting and deer hunting – just to be out in nature.

We also saw a loon on the lake. Don’t often see them around here. I think they are some of the uglier water birds I have seen – much prefer our ducks, the seagulls, and the eagles. We also saw a bunch of turkey on the way to the lake.


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