Homemade Ginger Snaps & Wedding

Chilled Ginger Snap doughThe kids were in a mood for homemade cookies the other day (and what can I say, I am ALWAYS in the mood for homemade cookies!) and I had found a recipe for homemade ginger snaps that I wanted to try. The ginger snap recipe came from a local gal’s blog that I found. Scroll down a ways and you will find it. Here are my photos of the process. The blog is Warm Pie Happy Home and the gal’s name is Ruth Ann. Understand that Ruth Ann must have gotten 99% of my homemaking instincts and some of yours too! She can cook, she can decorate, she can raise kids, and I am sure she looks gorgeous doing it. Notice I am NOT saying this to take anything away from her – I admire those abilities and am hoping some of it rubs off on me by reading her blog! She wears pretty, cute little aprons when she cooks. IF I cook, I am generally wearing an old pair of blue jeans and a sweatshirt. See? I really do need to learn from her. She’s a country girl – but I am that OTHER kind of country girl…the kind in poop-stained boots and torn T-shirts that loves to run a chain saw and hunt ducks. That being said, there are other wonderful recipes on her blog – stop by and enjoy!

The kids and I made up the dough on Thursday. It has to chill before you can bake it, so while that was chilling, we made drop sugar cookies. They were not as good as my old  recipe – originally from my baby sitter when I was a child, but MUCH quicker and Mini-me ADORES sugar cookies. I wrapped the dough for the ginger snaps in wax paper and saran wrap and left it in the frige until this morning as the Hunter and I were gone all day yesterday.

rolled in small balls in sugarThe first is a picture of the ball of dough just out of the refrigerator. Tastes good this way too! You then roll the chilled dough in large marble sized balls, roll them in sugar, and bake them at 375 for 8 minutes. That time left them crisp outside and very chewy inside (my marbles were extra large…). Both the Hunter and I like them a little crisper, so I ended up with a time of about 9-10 minutes depending on the marble size.

Dough on cookie sheetsI found I could get quite a few more cookies on each cookie sheet. They don’t spread much as they cook, so I crowded them up quite a bit. I also let them cool for about 4-5 minutes after taking them out of the oven before putting them on wax paper to cool.

Ginger SnapsHere are pictures of the finished cookies. They are incredibly wonderful! I LOVE ginger snaps, Mini-me loves ginger snaps, and the Hunter likes them dipped in coffee. I think we have a new tradition for Christmas cookies also!

Keith and Angie got married!

We spent the afternoon at a wedding – it is the first the kids had ever seen. The groom is the son of a very dear friends of mine, Walt and Deb. Walt and Deb are like a second family to me and are a wonderful family. Keith is their youngest son and has been dating a wonderful girl, Angie, for several years. They tied the knot this afternoon in a nice ceremony in a neighboring town. They had a reception up here afterward. The only picture I was able to take was of Munchie and Henlie, a friend and a flower girl in the wedding, dancing. There were some other really cute photos but I just wasn’t quick enough! The Hunter told me Munchie and Peyton, one of the ring bearers and Walt and Deb’s grandson, were dancing. Kids this age just move really too fast to get good photos of unless you are super quick on the trigger!

Nikki & HenlieWe ended up sitting by neighbors of my folks, Bill and Jean. Bill is a farmer from way back when. He has always had cattle and horses, and owns the 80 acres across the road from Mom and Dad. Bill’s son, Jeff, cut my hair for about five years, and Jeff and his older brother played with my brother and I growing up quite a bit. Mini-me and Munchie were the two that were actually sitting by Bill and Jean, and my those kids kept them in stitches! I think Munchie introduced the whole family to Jean. Mini-me and Munchie both shared all their spoils from the table (the glitter stuff and mints) with Bill and Jean. It was also cute when we sat down at the table with our food, Bill and Jean had been in line quite a while before us and were already eating. We have the kids so well trained that you pray before eating (and we hold hands while praying) that Munchie stuck out her hand to Jean and demanded, “Come on! Pray!” It was really cute, and Jean and Bill gladly joined in with us for our prayer.

And no, I don’t have the wedding quilt done yet! Fortunately the whole family knows me well enough they know my personal quilts NEVER get done on time!


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