Munchie’s first quilt top….

Flower arrangementToday Munchie and I had some alone time while the Hunter, Big Brother, and Mini-me went to get their hair cut. It was wonderful! We picked some flowers (weeds) from the yard, filled the bird feeders, came in and put the lasagna in the oven, and then had about an hour to work on a quilt for Munchie.

Here are the flowers we picked for the table tonight. I don’t know if you can tell, but there are three crocuses (that came up in April instead of January of February…what’s up with that!?). There are dandelions, two colors of wild violets, another weed with purple flowers that I don’t know the name of, another very tiny blue flower, and some spikey blue-green weed without flowers. It was very pretty on the supper table!

Nikki's Meow quilt topActually, Munchie’s quilt is for Meow, her stuffed kitty. I got out a bunch of 5″ squares leftover from a Nickle swap about 9 years ago and we sorted through them for pink and purple flowered squares. She picked a bunch out and then we sewed them together. She designed the layout, helped pin them and helped guide them through the sewing machine, but I had to run the machine as it has a foot pedal. She also ironed one part of it.

Nikki and her topThis is Munchie’s finished quilt top.  She was thrilled with it!

Munchie also picked out a cute pink print for the backing and we are going to use some scrap wool batting I had leftover from another project. So – we have everything together. As soon as I get Sue’s quilt off the frame or the green QOV, I will get Munchie’s put on and let her sew with the Gammill. That should REALLY be interesting! I will have to get the Hunter to take photos.

The lasagna was about done when we finished the quilt top. Lasagna was Big Brother’s meal of choice for making the honor roll this quarter. Big Brother is VERY smart, school is just not that big a priority. He is much more into the social part of it than in the education….it has been a struggle to attempt to teach him study habits, planning ahead, budgeting time, and turning in completed work on time… (The Hunter admits it sure wasn’t on HIS list of priorities at that age either!), but it is starting to pay off. It is not the grades now that are as important as the skills he is learning doing these things as he will need them when real life hits!

Tomorrow is also opening day for youth turkey season. Unfortunately, Big Brother’s baseball coach scheduled them in a tournament this weekend. It was supposed to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but all Big Brother’s games ended up on Saturday from about 9 AM to a last game at 3 PM….there went the majority of turkey hunting.

We will see how the day goes and I will let you all know how he does!


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