Quilt design on Sue’s quilt

I thought you all might be interested in seeing how I am pre-designing the quilting for a sampler quilt that I am doing for a customer.

Block 1I wanted to do something a little different in each block, and since I am fairly new at this, I wanted to “preview” the end results. I took a photo of the block I was working on with my digital camera. Then I put my plexiglass square over the block on the quilt and previewed different designs with a dry erase marker.

Block 1, option 1I then moved the plexiglass onto a scrap piece of white batting so I could get a clear view of the design and took a photo of it. This photo shows my first attempt.

Block 1, Option 2Wiped the plexiglass and did another design, took a photo of it, and kept repeating the process until I found something I was satisfied with for that block. This photo shows option 2.

Block 1, Option 3Option 3



Block 1, Option 4Option 4


Block 1, Option 5Option 5

Block 2For the next block, I would take a photo of the new block, then repeat the design process until satisfied. Then the next block again.

Block 2 Option 1This way I could go back through the photos on my camera as I was quilting to remind myself of what I wanted in the design. The photo of the block also helped me make sure what block went with what design when I looked at it later or the next day.

Block 2 Option 2Block 2 Option 2

I didn’t worry about photographing the blocks or quilting options straight on as my overhead lighting caused glare – which you can see in a couple of photos. The blocks show skewed from the perspective, but I just wanted to get an idea of what the quilting would look like, and then to remind myself what I liked or didn’t. I could draw one design, erase it to get the next, then forget exactly what I had done on the previous one! I had to photograph them to remember, and digital cameras make it really easy.

Block 3Block 3



Block 3 Option 1Block 3 Option 1



Block 4Block 4



Block 4 Option 1Block 4 Option 1


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