Mushu’s New Home

Things here have been a zoo! Literally, so I haven’t had time to update my posts much. I will get more on – we have pictures from Easter, Mini-me & Munchie’s first fish, quilts I am working on, and some other stuff. I will get to it soon!

pict6811I have meant for quite some time to get Mushu a roomier, more appropriate home. Here is where he was living…..obviously, rather small accomodations. 

I did some research on the web and found this site by Michael Parrish on Oriental Firebellied Toads – . Excellent information and I was able to determine everything I needed.

pict7603So Big Brother and I did the shopping and all of us worked together to get the new aquarium set up for Mushu. Here are Mini-me and Munchie standing in front of the new aquarium. It is a 10 gallon tank and you can see a layer of 1/2 to 1 inch rocks in the bottom for drainage.

pict7606The next step was a layer of sterile potting soil, mounded up in part to form a little hill.  We planted a pothos plant within that little hill, put a water/swimming dish in the other side of the tank, and firmed the soil down.pict7613 The next step was a layer of dampened spaghnum moss over the potting soil, a light misting with distilled water, and then it was time for Mushu.  I hadn’t yet cleaned the walls of the tank when I took this photo.

I put rocks in the water dish and a rock outside the water dish for Mushu to climb on. Here he is on his rock in the water. He really seems to like it.

We got him moved to his new home before we left town for a couple of days to visit relatives….much nicer than his old one!


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