Green Not So Secret Project QOV finished!

Not So Secret Project QOVI finally finished my green QOV. I used Alycia’s Not So Secret Project pattern for the quilt and pulled all my “muddier” greens out of my stash. I have quite a few “bright” greens, but wanted the darker greens as a more masculine quilt, as most of the QOV go to males. I wasn’t too sure about the greens in the blocks as I pieced the quilt, but I am now VERY pleased with the results.

I quilted it with an overall leaf meander, all done freehand. The leaves are oak, walnut, maple, and all sorts of other leaves that I could find in my Trees of Missouri book. Some may not be “real” leaves, but I am sure somewhere in nature there is a leaf that looks like it! LOL.

I finished the binding last night, made the labels today, and hand stitched the labels on. Matt and Nikki gladly drew several pictures to be included in the package for the soldier.

QOV doll quiltI am also including a small doll quilt made from left over blocks. I have asked Alycia if she could find a wounded soldier with one child, so the child could have a quilt like Daddy’s.

The kids and I will mail them via UPS or FedEx tomorrow. Alycia’s deadline is April 25, so that should give them time to get there. Nothing like getting it done at the last minute! LOL

I have uploaded more photos to my Picasa photo site showing more details of the quilting and the leaves – go to Crossroads Custom Quilting.


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