Mother’s of Multiples sale finds for Mini-me and Munchie

Our local group of Mother’s of Multiples had their spring sale last night – or at least the sale for the members. The public sale is this morning. Superman MattI LOVE THIS SALE! I bought 66 items ranging from a nice camo jacket to a bike to hunting/hiking boots, cowboy boots, girlie sandals, and all sorts of clothes for just a little over $100! Did I mention I love this sale?!

They have the sale twice a year and members sell the clothing, furniture, shoes, toys, books, etc, that their kids have outgrown. I didn’t spend much last fall as I couldn’t find much in my kids’ sizes, however, now I know why! Everyone was too busy to sell last fall and are selling this spring! Clothes were packed on the racks so tightly you could barely look at them. It all depends on who is selling what when…..

The first photo is Mini-me in one of the shirts and Nikki's clothessweat pants I found for him. His big decision today was deciding to wear Superman, Spiderman or Batman….LOL.  

I also found a wonderful pink shiny vest for Munchie. Don’t know if she will wear it, she’s pretty picky, but I bought it anyway. These are just two of the pairs of shoes I bought for her. She goes through sandals like there is no tomorrow.

This last photo is of a really nice, wind-weather proof camo jacket for Mini-me. It will make him look just like Daddy and Big Brother(who has taken over what USED to be MY hunting jacket!).

Matt's hunting stuff and boots There is also a pair of hiking/hunting boots to grow into and a pair of very nice cowboy boots. I am a sucker for nice cowboy boots. I don’t have many pairs of them anymore and am way too frugal (cheap?!) to buy them at full price for the kids, but I love nice boots. So I couldn’t resist this nice pair of boots for Mini-me. He loved them also, so it was worth it.

The best thing about getting stuff for the kids is that they have both been so GRATEFUL for them. They have thanked me numerous times today.


One thought on “Mother’s of Multiples sale finds for Mini-me and Munchie

  1. What a steal! I love it when that happens. We happened upon Cabelas bargain Bin and found a $144 pr of hunting boots for $25 for my oldest. I did the happy dance right there!! Good Job!!

    Love the spiderman btw!

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