Gammill stitch problems and another quilt finished

Well, I have been having some issues with my stitch quality on my Gammill using the stitch regulator. I had it set at 12 SPI – when stitching exactly vertical (front to back or back to front) I would get stitches measuring 5 SPI, but when stitching horizontal it would stitch the 12 SPI. If I changed encoder plugs one for the other, the stitching would flip-flop and I would get 5 SPI horizontal and 12 SPI vertical.

I called Gammill and they ended up sending me new encoder jack plates. Those have the wires that go between the “black box” case on the back of the machine and the motherboard inside that case. They mailed them Friday afternoon and I got them Saturday by USPS mail. Quick service on that!

Problem was – it didn’t solve my problem. Still had the exact same issue. So I called Gammill this morning and Gearld said it must be the mother board (not nearly as cheap as the jack plate, but at least they had refurbished ones as an option to cut the cost!). I don’t quite expect to get it tomorrow, but I REALLY hope this solves my problem.

Ron Paul from Colorado had posted on the MQP list that a bobbin being wound too tightly could cause flat-lining on the back of a quilt. I have been dealing with that almost since I got the machine… I loosened up the tension on the on-board bobbin winder and am hoping that solves THAT particular issue. I never could get it adjusted out using regular tension adjustments. I would like to get the stitch length problem solved so that I can see if my other adjustment will help…hard thing about adjustments is doing them just ONE at a TIME so that you can see if they help…I have a tendency to want to do it all at once….LOL.

I did manage to finish one more of the guilds baby souper-sew-in quilts. It is red, white and blue and looked like a possible boy quilt to me. I used a freehand loop meander on it. They use a poofy poly batting on these quilts and I don’t EVER use this type of poly batting. It is quite a bit different to quilt on than what I am used to. I really have to watch for shifting of the top and for pleats. I float my tops, and I would guess for a batting like this it might be better to actually pin the top to the leaders. I just don’t feel it is worth it for a 38-40″ square quilt!

OPQG Souper Sew In Baby Quilt #2


2 thoughts on “Gammill stitch problems and another quilt finished

  1. I just got Red Snappers, load a quilt in 15 minutes, ANysize… A wonderful invention.My machine is making irregular stitch lengths too. I went “manual” to finish the quilt I had on it. Will be calling Gammill in the morning

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