Morning feeding ducks, geese and looking into a cave


The kids and I had to go to the library this morning to take back some books and pick up some more. Munchie also asked if we could go feed the geese and ducks….so that is what we did.

pict8018We were running short of time so we went to a park where there is a pond and some ducks and geese. We saw our first gosling for the year. The kids thought it was really cute and would have liked to have touched it, but mommy and daddy goose weren’t too happy about that idea. Ever hear any geese hissing up close? We had a couple of domestic geese growing up – Pete and Repete – and one or the other of them got Mom pretty good a couple of times. I respect geese and their personal space….LOL….at least when they have babies around and I don’t have my shotgun handy! 😉

We also spent some time walking around the park. I had grown up in this area and knew there was a cave here, but just didn’t know exactly where. We found it! It was in a little clearing back in behind a building. This is the view looking out from the mouth of part of the cave.pict8027

Mini-me and Munchie were sure there were mean animals living in the main cave even though it was locked and barred so no one could gain access. Once in an actual cave, they sure didn’t want to go back any farther even if they could!  There are tours available for the cave, but it can be pretty dangerous, so they lock it up when not in use and to keep vandals out.


The ceiling was also dripping water, but we got over an inch of rain yesterday, so water was everywhere!

This photo gives you some idea of the width of the mouth of this cave. Where the kids are now leads back to the widest part. Closer to where I am taking this photos there is a smaller area that leads into to very small caves. You can see a little of that just to the right of Mini-me and Munchie sitting on the rock. Munchie is sitting in a natural bowl in the rock.


This picture really shows the two smaller caves. Munchie is hidden behind Mini-me on the rock. This photo is also deceptive because the ceiling is completely over Mini-me and Munchie’s heads and extends out to almost where I am taking the photo.


Of course, Mini-me wanted to sit in the little bowl too, so here they are again. He started to look around at the rocks right behind his head, saw a spider web back in a crevice, and decided he wanted to get down!




The flowering trees were beautiful also!


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