Hello again and Jenn had her baby!

Well, it has been quite busy around here! After Friday’s storm we ended up without power from Friday morning until late morning Sunday. No quilting, no internet, no computer, no piecing, and no handwork to work on! I need to take up English Paper Pieceing or something for times like that! Not that I could have seen well enough in the semi-dark to actually sew anything….LOL.

Jennifer had her baby yesterday afternoon – a 9 pound 9 ounce boy with a full head of dark brown hair. Jenn and Dan have named him Brett Daniel. Cool name…now I will have to make a quilt for him! We went up to see them today, and the kids were fascinated with him. Nikki had to look at and touch his tiny little feet and hands. She will make a wonderful mommy some day….(a LONG time in the future!).

I have picked out a photo for my applique quilt that I am going to do. It is of a mallard drake just barely skimming over the water in full flight and color. The photographer is Bill Houghton and he does GORGEOUS work! This is definitely going to be a challenge! First I need to do my elk quilt so that I will have a better handle on the process. I will post more on it in a later post…with photos and a link to Bill’s website.  He has an incredible talent with photography.

Well, I have to get back at it! Too much to do….LOL


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