Row quilts, planting gardens and trees, and summer play

More with a little bit of everything!  I told you it has been busy here….LOL.

I am doing a round robin row quilt (aka pizza box row quilt) with some ladies in my guild this year. We exchanged our initial pizza boxes with our fabric choices and a “theme” sheet at our last meeting. We could each pick out the fabrics we wanted and give some guidelines on what our “vision” for this quilt was. I included several fat quarters, a portion of the wall paper border up in our living/kitchen/dining area, and paint chips of the wall color. I also wrote out on a sheet of paper some info about our family and what we like (hunting, fishing, horses, animals, etc). I am planning on hanging this quilt over the stairs on a large wall.

I passed my pizza box to Lorraine O. and Mary N. passed hers to me. Mary’s box was pretty interesting. It is African animal skin prints, some beautiful batiks and some other prints that resemble grass and stuff. She loves cats also, and her “vision” included that she loved the African savannah and she had been collecting the fabric for quite some time to make a quilt for herself. This project came up and she decided to let US help make the quilt for her!

Mary Newell's row This was FUN! I chose to do the Africa block from Carol Doak’s Mariner’s Compass Stars. Here is what I came up with. Finished height of the strip is 8 1/2 inches and the width is 36 1/2 inches.

PICT8536Here is one of just a single block with the sashing strips around it.  I am really tickled with the way the colors came out. And yes, I know I shouldn’t use the black background with the animal skin prints in the points of the star because the blacks blend together and make it not look so accurate, but I liked the dramatic coloring….. I hope Mary will like it!


The kids and I have been planting. Munchie and I went shopping for plants while Mini-me and the Hunter were fishing last Thursday afternoon. We bought 4 tomato plants and 3 cantaloupe plants from Tony at the greenhouse. I went to high school with Tony, and his family has been in the greenhouse business since before I was born, so I trust him to steer me in the right direction!

He picked out four different varieties of tomato plants for us to try…the theory is if one doesn’t flourish, hopefully the others will…LOL. All the melons were Ambrosia – one of the best tasting melons on earth!

My big problem with the garden is that I don’t have much space with full sun. We live basically in the woods (which I love) but it doesn’t do much for gardens!


We planted them Monday while Jack and Addie were over visiting for the afternoon. Today, Mini-me, Munchie and I mulched them with newspaper and straw. Hopefully that will help keep weeds out!


Here are some photos of some of the trees I have planted in the last year or so. The first is a pink dogwood that started out in the spring of 2007 as a small, bare, single twig. It is growing nicely, but didn’t bloom yet this year. Hopefully next year.PICT8556

The photo below is one of the seven redbud trees the kids and I dug up at a former co-worker’s farm and transplanted to our yard. Our woods don’t have much of the colorful stuff, so I am trying to get a little color into the yard. So far they are all doing well, but it has only been a few weeks and we have been getting plenty of rain. This one was abut 6 foot tall and was the biggest of the ones I dug up. Some of the others were only a couple of feet tall…I got tired of digging!


This tree is the Japanese maple I bought last year at a bargain price. It is over five foot tall and is doing nicely. The photo is only of the sun shining through the top part of the tree with the porch as a background. It does have some kind of spiders on it though, as tiny webs can be seen in some of the pictures I have taken of it. I need to find out if they are a pest I need to get rid of before they kill the tree…..Japanese maple


Well, when we watered the trees and the garden yesterday morning, the kids ended up hosing each other down some, so they began asking if they could play in the sprinkler. So guess what we did yesterday afternoon? Yup. Here they are…..PICT8543

They started filling their buckets up and carrying it to the plants to water them…..a lot of help!PICT8557

I have one other picture I want to share. It is a photo of the first iris I have had bloom. I think I planted these iris about three or four years ago and this is the first one of them to actually grow and bloom! I think it is gorgeous!



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