Nadine’s Baby Animal Applique quilt

This is a quilt I finished early this month, but I am just now getting a chance to upload photos of it. Nadine R. made this quilt for her daughter-in-law’s first child. They aren’t sure of the sex of the baby, so she made it gender neutral. It is a gorgeous quilt and she did a beautiful job on the top.

Front of Nadine's quilt - overallI didn’t want to take away from the simplicity of the applique, so I stitched in the ditch around each animal and on all the seams including whiskers and stripes. The background fabric has ribbons in it, so I wanted to duplicate the ribbon effect in the quilting.

Here is the lionLion applique


and the giraffe. The rest of the applique quilting is very similar. Giraffe applique

I used used Mindy Casperson’s 4-in-1 tool to make the border curves and again I put the ribbon curls in the centers to continue the ribbon theme. Border quilting from the front

The alternate blocks were inspired by a design from DeLoa Jones book. She used the center curved diamond shape to make the quilting look like a snowflake from the back with other continuous curve designs. I used that with the ribbons. This is the back of the quilt – if you will look at the top edge of this block, you will see the elephant’s trunk sticking down into the block. Alternate 9-patch blocks from the back

This photo is from the front of the quilt. Motif in alternate 9-patch blocks

Nadine also pieced the back of the quilt with nine patch blocks and framing. I had to be really careful when loading the quilt that I kept the seams on the back side offset slightly from the outside edge of the top. I can’t imagine trying to bind the quilt with the backing seams all around the edge! The outside white frame was designed to be at the outside edges of the quilt. That is what I had to be very careful to offset slightly – and it actually came out really well!

Overall from the back

This is a photo of the back showing the border quilting.Borders from the back of the quilt

Another of the border…Border quilting from the back

And this is the corner of the quilt from the back.Photo of corner motif and borders from the back

This is the lion applique from the back. You can see the outline around the whiskers, ears and mane. Nadine had used buttons for the eyes, but since this quilt was for a baby, she was planning on replacing the buttons with stitching, so the eyes will also be defined more from the back when the quilt is finished.

Lion applique from the back

I was really tickled with the way this quilted up. I think Nadine was really thrilled with it as well.


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