Can you believe I made aprons?

Most of you really won’t appreciate this much, but those who know me well, will be, well, SHOCKED to say the least! I made four aprons! The first was from a pattern, then the other three were modified slightly more to fit what I thought looked good. Mind you, I have never worn an actual apron except when I was waitressing during college and it was part of the dress code. I guess they are ALL the rage now….

Anyway, our guild has a boutique during our quilt show where we sell handmade items. This is the primary way the guild makes money during the show, so is pretty important. In the past it seems it has fallen on the shoulders of a few people, who after one show, burn out and don’t want anything to do with it again. So this year the guild is trying a new approach where each of us make at least one item a quarter, which by the time the next show rolls around, should have us set up pretty well without any undue hardship on any one person.

Their challenge last month was to take home an apron pattern and bring back a completed apron this month. If you did, then you qualify for a special drawing where you get a chance to win the “education” class of your choice with any speaker that the guild invites in.

I couldn’t quite figure out the directions for the apron patterns they gave, so googled it on the computer and came up with a lot of choices. Here is the one I used initially for my first apron – A Feathered Nest: from folded napkin to cafe apron. Abby at this site has some really basic tutorials on how to make aprons. I haven’t had time to look at anything else yet, but intend to.

So – here is my first apron with the cutest model in the world: PICT8576

Here it is on the wall – as you can see, it is basically a fat quarter with strips for binding the top and the bottom.PICT8577

I liked the look of a more “delicate” apron, after all, they are basically very girly things you know, so I modified my next apron. Can you see how I curved the lower corners and then angled it in slightly toward the waist? PICT8581This is apron number two without the waistband and straps. Instead of using a wide straight strip at the bottom, I made binding to fit around and bound all three edges in one continuous strip. I didn’t use bias binding, but it would have been much easier to go around the corners if I had. Didn’t have enough of the stripe left to do that. The binding was a booger – I knew there was a much easier way than folding all that by hand and ironing…so a trip to the local Hobby Lobby, and there is my handy tool to make bias binding! Woo hoo!

Here is number two complete with waistband and ties. The ties are made long to bring around your back and actually tie in front of you. Very cute. You can see it on Nikki’s picture, but it is really hard to tell as she is so small.

Apron #2

And can you believe I even made a matching pot holder? Now how cool is that? LOL. I also made another pot holder for Apron #1.Apron #2 and potholder

My last two are identical, just different fabric. This photo is of Apron #3, but four looks just like it. So I have a total of four aprons and two potholders to go to guild with. Apron #3

Don’t tell anyone, but I have enough material left to make MYSELF one! Ssshhhh….don’t tell Jeff. He will be checking my temperature!


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