Memorial Day and a Fishing Weekend

We have had a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day weekend here. We actually went fishing THREE days in a row! That is more than I was able to go all of last year combined…. Woo hoo!Sunday fishing

I didn’t take any pictures on Saturday. Not much was biting. I think the Hunter and Big Brother caught some, but it was really slow. Sunday was a different matter! We went after church, just the Hunter, Mini-me, Munchie, and I, and caught the hooey out of the bass! Mini-me even caught a keeper bass all on his own. He didn’t quite get it into the boat, but had it close and we all saw it. The Hunter said it was about a two pounder. It is wonderful having the Hunter as a husband…..he is an awesome fisherman and can remember what he caught, where, and on what, and in what weather and lake conditions. Too bad my memory isn’t more like his…

Monday afternoon, after the rain, we headed out again after picking up Big Brother.

Michael's big bass

Big Brother was so proud. He caught this 2 1/2 pound bass – it is probably one of the biggest he has ever caught, and he was THRILLED! The photo makes it look smaller than it actually was. I was down below Big Brother when I took the photo – sorry, Bud! Big Brother does not normally have much patience to fish, but he is getting much better. It always helps catching fish like this!


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