Munchie fishing & Mini-me’s day with mom….

Monday evening the Hunter took Munchie fishing for daughter/dad time and Mini-me and I stayed home and did what he wanted. He wanted to go get Gummy Bears at Wal-Mart and then go to Walt and Deb’s to play with Kaylea and Peyton. So….we started out eating at McDonald’s and playing in the Play Place. That is a REAL treat for our kids as they don’t get to eat there much….I think they ate there twice by the time they were three!

Dad had the camera with him at the lake, so we didn’t get any pictures. We had a great time playing with Peyton and Kaylea. Kaylea had a new puppy for her birthday, so we got to see little Izzy.

Nikki fishingHere is Munchie fishing with Dad. She had a great time also, but Mini-me has decided that HE needs to go fishing with Dad all the time because he’s a boy and needs to do BOY things….LOL. He said Munchie and I could stay home and do what we wanted! That is a BIG switch for Mini-me as he has always been very jealous of any extra time Munchie gets with me…..just shows how obsessed he is with fishing!

Tuesday we had Jack and Addie over again to give Jennifer a break. Here are the kids playing in the sprinkler. The day actually went well…and when I dropped the kids off Jennifer had some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for me to take home! Woo hoo!



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