Finished quilt tops….

These two tops are for a friend’s twin girls that are due to be born next month. Can you believe I am actually on time with these! LOL. They are the Disappearing 9-Patch pattern and were super easy to make. They took me about three hours each to cut out and piece.

Purple D9P

Pink D9PPersonally I prefer a more controlled D9P. I don’t really care for the totally scrappy ones, but that is just because I am too OCD!

D9P quilts on the Gammill

Here are both quilt tops loaded on my Gammill. I am using the same backing for both and thought I would just load them both at once to save time. I am using Dawn Ramirez’ (AKA The Pajama Quilter) Wonky Feather freehand to quilt them. I have finished the pink one already and am definitely getting better as this is the first time I have done Wonky Feathers. Thanks Dawn!

Here are a few links to blogs with D9P tutorials just in case you are interested –




2 thoughts on “Finished quilt tops….

  1. Very cute — don’t you just love Dawn’s DVD?

    I haven’t loaded two tops since I downsized to the 10 foot table ….I’d forgotten how nice it was to do two at a time.

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