Fishing at Grandpa & Grandma’s….

Here is what else we did this weekend…..FISHING! This is a view of the near edge of the pond with the house in the background. The Hunter, Mini-me, and Munchie are fishing for bluegill and sunfish.The pond & house

Big Brother was really motivated to catch fish….and he did a super job! He has really matured this year and now appears to enjoy fishing. He listens, and has the patience to do what it takes to catch them. This was the FIRST big fish, a 4-pound largemouth bass, that he caught totally on his own, without ANY help from dad. It was SO COOL to see his excitement!

Michael's 4-pounder

He later caught a twin to this one that might even have been just a little larger. One real monster took his line under a log and broke it off, so he was on a roll….We got to see that one break the surface of the water several times trying to throw out the lure.

Grandma Judi & Nikki

This is Grandma Judi and Munchie’s first catch on Friday afternoon. She just HAD to have her picture taken with it!

Jeff, Matt & Nikki

This last photo was a cute one of the Hunter, Mini-me, and Munchie. Mini-me did a wonderful job of fishing. He seems to be very passionate about it, and paid enough attention to what he was doing to catch countless bluegill all on his own. Munchie is not quite so motivated about fishing. She really preferred playing with Grandma’s cat, Callie!


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