Kids and quilting stuff….

First – I have bonafide proof that Munchie is the Hunter’s daughter…she likes bologna sandwiches with KETCHUP on them! What is up with that?!Bologna and ketchup sandwich

See that red stuff seeping out of the sandwich on her plate? You would never see me eating a bologna and ketchup sandwich. Now, I do like it on hamburgers, hot dogs, on ham ‘n’ beans and corned beef hash…but there is a limit!

The Hunter on the other hand, LOVES bologna and ketchup sandwiches. She is SO like her dad!

This photo is Mini-me.Bologna and Miracle Whip

He likes his bologna sandwich with Miracle Whip. NOT real mayonnaise! Just like his mom…. I didn’t know that Miracle Whip wasn’t real mayonnaise until I was probably in junior high. That was all we ever used.

The Hunter on the other hand HATES Miracle Whip and loves only REAL mayonnaise. Mini-me is SO like me! LOL.

Here is what the kids and I did this morning…..ParkWe met Deb, Kaylea, Peyton, and Wog at the park this morning and played for a while. I couldn’t believe I got all four kids in one photo on the swings. Peyton is pushing Mini-me and Mini-me is loving it!

Here is what we did this afternoon. I blew up the pool (by my own hot air, thank you!) and then snugged it up against the sliding board and elevated the end of the slide on a concrete block. The kids had a blast sliding down and into the water! Couldn’t get a whole lot of steam up as the grade wasn’t steep enough, but Mini-me started going down it backwards on his knees and could get a little air that way…LOLSliding into the pool

I worked on cleaning up the garage. Fun.

I also was digging around downstairs this morning and came up with some size 5 dresses that Kaylea had outgrown and given to us a couple of years ago. Munchie fell in LOVE with two of them and had to try them on. Naturally, she wanted me to take a picture of her, and naturally, Matt wanted to be in the picture, too, so here goes….

Nikki, Matt & princess dressMunchie absolutely fell in love with this one. She wanted to wear it to church next Sunday…the only problem is it is one of those “princess dress up” things you can get at Wally World and it already has several holes in it!

Matt, NikkiNikki in pink

This dress is gorgeous and she could actually, really wear it to church. If she will…..She hasn’t voluntarily worn a dress to church in about six months. We will see Sunday.

You should also notice she is really into “posing” right now. Notice the hands, the slightly crossed feet, and the raised shoulders and tilted chin? Look in the pool picture and you will see the same thing. Funny what kids pick up on as I have never coached her on posing like that!


Here is what I have been working on….

Helen R's row

This is my second “pizza box” round robin row (say that five times fast!) and it belongs to Helen R. The blue floral is the focus fabric. I love the motion the Whirligig blocks give to the row.

I also started on some selvage pot holders for the next guild meeting and got to rummaging around in my small shoe box of selvages (haven’t been collecting very long!). Guess what I found?

Selvage strips

You will probably recognize the fabric from my Not So Ugly Monkey (AKA Sunshine Sampler) quilt project. That puppy has 18 color circles on it! Woo hoo! Doesn’t happen too often…check your selvages folks, and you will see! I just had to take a photo of it and will have to make sure and tell Cathy S.

Here are the finished string blocks for my potholders. This is the first time I have made string blocks like this and it worked really well. The greens will match the aprons I made for the guild last month!

selvage string blocks

Had to quit for the day….too much playing to do!


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