The weekend!

Well, all the family is together again after the Hunter  traveled last week. The ZOO is officially back in session now, LOL! Big Brother has a make up ball game today, so we have that to go to…them maybe the lake if we are lucky.

Hope to get a little sewing and quilting done this weekend. I still have the purple D9P quilt to finish quilting, my potholders to finish up. I NEVER get everything done that is on my list….maybe my list is too ambitious?!

Here are a couple of photos of Big Brother from his baseball game last Monday –

Michael playing third

They lost the game, but he played really well. Had two super nice hits his only two times at bat…Michael at bat

I am going to have to email Suzanne Early who is taking a digital photography class. Maybe she will have a hint for me on how to manage it!  I despise the autofocus – it has it’s uses and CAN focus so much quicker than I could, but it isn’t too smart sometimes!  It kept focusing on the chain link instead of Big Brother. I know there has to be a way to force the camera to focus further out. I was messing with manual settings as I took these photos, trying to fool the autofocus into focusing on Big Brother….GRRRRRR!


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