Quilting stuff finished and a loss….

Well, I finished up some quilting stuff this weekend.

I finished a baby quilt way back in January and never took photos of it. It is one I designed in EQ6 prior to making it. I have not yet seen Matt and Jennifer to give them the quilt even though little Nolan was born in December! We had invited them to dinner once, then something came up and they couldn’t make it….anyway, that gave me time to get photos!

Front of quilt – first designed in EQ6 because of the fabric. I used a modified Road to California Block. Nolan's quilt - no flash

The back was made up entirely of scraps from the front – I tried to make it look like roads…..Back of quilt

Sidelighted Route 66 quilted logo

Route 66 Logo

Each of the four large white areas have a Route 66 street sign logo quilted into them. You can see it slightly better on the angled photo – or from the back (below).

Route 66 logo from the back

This photo is of the bead board quilting I did in the borders – this photo is from the back

Beadboard quilting in border

…and one from the front


These photos are some of the quilting in the center –




Fortunately, the quilt is really large for a baby quilt, so he will be able to use it for quite some time…LOL.

This is the second quilt I finished the binding on this weekend. I will wait to do the label after the baby is born. This is one of the two D9P for the twin girls due next month.



The quilting pattern I used is Dawn Ramirez’ freehand Wonky Feathers from her Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD – excellent resource by the way! I recommend it to anyone who quilts! This was the first quilt I have done in this. The second quilt is still on the machine, but is going much quicker than the first did.

Wonky feathers

Pajama Quilter's wonky feathers

 Have you ever lost a quilt top? I finished a quilt top a few months ago, a baby quilt, and stuck it away somewhere in my sewing room. Somewhere I am sure I thought I would remember where it was….do you think I can remember where that thing is? Not on your life! LOL. Fortunately, it wasn’t for anyone in particular! I am sure it will show up…just not sure when!


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