Blueberries and the lake

It is blueberry time again! I spent yesterday morning picking three gallons of blueberries. I froze about five gallons last year, and used every bit of them. I would like eight to ten gallons in the freezer this year. I use them in smoothies for lunch, or pancakes. I need to find a good blueberry cobbler recipe…

Here is where I picked and some of the folks that were already there:

Blueberry pickin'

I will take some photos of the blueberries I picked and post them here later. Forgot to yesterday!

We have gone to the lake the last couple of evenings to fish and swim. It has been hot enough it was definitely time for swimming!

Michael & Nikki swimming

Munchie LOVES to get in the water! She is not yet sure enough of herself to not hold on to someone else for dear life….but she is not far off.  Swimming lessons are definitely in the near future for her!

Matt, Michael & Nikki at the lake

Mini-me, on the other hand, fell in once, and now still prefers to hang out on the boat deck…LOL

Matt playing on deck


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