Father’s Day

I am so blessed to have the men in my life that I have. First there is my hubby, Jeff! God definitely brought the right man into my life! He knew what He was doing, that is for sure. I was never much good at picking them on my own, but God did good! He is an incredible man and a wonderful example to all three of our kids….


I love you, gorgeous!

Last night we got together for pizza with my dad, Jeff’s dad and step-mom, and my brother and his daughter, Jordan. It was a wonderful evening. Dad and Bob, my brother, are both golfers, and Bob got Dad a really cool Payne Stewart memorial picture…it was huge with a print of his US Open win with some newspaper clippings painted in the background. Payne was a local guy that Bob played golf with some when they were both kids and Dad knew Payne’s family also. I guess it is the 10th anniversary of his Open win.

Thank you to the men in my life for being such wonderful examples!


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