Tony Munoz, the guy quilter, at guild

Tony  Munoz was our speaker and presented his new program, “A Man’s Quilt” about quilts from a man’s perspective. It was pretty funny – or rather I should say HE was very funny! It also happens he made one of the quilts featured in Jeannie Poore’s Kansas Spirit book that I wrote about in this post. If I had been smart enough to make the connection ahead of time I would have brought my copy of Kansas Spirit and had him sign it!

These are some of the quilts he showed during his program.

PICT8910PICT8909This is the quilt from the Kansas Spirit book. He didn’t make it with the typical “Kansas”-type fabrics, but some rather funny novelty prints and others.


This quilt was one that Tony’s mother gave him, from an African-American woman in their community growing up. I loved the simplicity of it. That is also what Tony said attracted men to this type of quilt


This quilt was a scrappy log cabin made only from UGLY fabrics in his stash – all those “what in the world was I thinking?” fabrics. When you looked at the individual fabrics there were some butt-ugly ones in there, but overall it was wonderful!


This was a totally red quilt that Tony did from his stash. He had seen something similar and worked this up from what he had. I love the graphic boldness of it. Wonder how it would look in blue?


Tony was teaching a workshop on this quilt – twisted bargello at the guild Wednesday.


This was Tony’s male support group quilt, with trapunto as suggested by one of the ladies in his quilting group! 🙂


I loved this quilt – it was called a Random Access quilt and Tony and another lady in his area teach how to make this.


One thought on “Tony Munoz, the guy quilter, at guild

  1. HELLO… I am the Program Chair for the Trails End Quilters’ Guild in Owasso, OK and am working on speakers for our 2017 calendar starting in January.
    I’m working with some old information and wanted to check and see if you are still doing guild lectures. If so would you let me know what type of lectures you are doing now, fees and travel expenses.
    Thanks you in advance,
    Jackie King

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