Squirrel antics

are the funniest things! We call them “furry birds” around here because they devour as much bird seed from the feeders as the birds do, but we get so much enjoyment from watching them that we don’t try to keep them out of it.

This was a new one though…..

The Hunter put an old sheet up between two trees in our backyard for Big Brother  to practice batting (this is called a hillbilly batting cage by the way! LOL).  Today, I am standing at the sink washing dishes and I see something moving out on the sheet…I look closer and a squirrel is playing on the sheet! He was jumping up and down, hiding in the “bloused” portion at the bottom, crawling upside down….I stood for five minutes just laughing at him. Then thought, “I need a photo because NO ONE is going to believe this, especially the Hunter!”.

The photos aren’t the best ’cause that little bugger was having way too much fun and moving too fast, plus it was taken through a window and screen from our upper story…

I even hollered at Mini-me and Munchie and sat them up on the counter to watch. We had quite the laugh over the cutie!


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