Quilting and blueberries….

Here are a couple of things I have been working on besides the tension on my Gammill…

Goose Tracks block

This is a Goose Tracks block and is for MWQA’s Saturday Sampler for 2009.  I am considering playing in EQ6 to figure out a different setting for this quilt than what they have in mind…..

Sedona Sunrise block by Jinny Beyer

This is the Sedona Sunrise block from Jinny Beyer’s block of the month quilt, Mirage. I did much better on the set-in or “Y” seams in this block than the last one. I am still not totally thrilled with my piecing but it looks pretty good anyway.


Big Brother and I went and picked blueberries again today. We picked four gallons today and gave Jen one of them. She talked about wanting to go, just can’t juggle it with the baby. This variety is Blue Crop. The ones I picked earlier were Blue Duke.


3 gal blueberries

Here is my freezing process for the blueberries –


I line a 13 x 9 pan or container with wax paper, then layer blueberries one layer thick on the wax paper. I do NOT wash the blueberries, but I do pick over them for bad ones, stems, or other foreign objects while I lay them out. I have my compost container right next to the pan to put the bad ones in.

Now layer another wax paper, then more blueberries.



I fill them up until the blueberries reach the top. I had three containers full like this and about 3/4 of a gallon left over to eat fresh. I put the containers in the freezer like this until the berries are frozen solid, then put the berries into gallon ziplock freezer bags with the date and type of blueberries on them.

I am also really tickled with the way my small garden is looking – the cantaloupe is going to take over the yard! We also have one Roma tomato plant with more than 30 tomatos on it! One of the other plants has one tomato that is starting to turn orange.


This is a start from suckers on my tomato plants. I put them in vermiculite and am rooting them. I will plant them as soon as they have enough roots. Hopefully that will give us a late crop of tomatoes also!

PICT9004Here is a close up of the vermiculite and starts.


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