Thank you, all those who serve!

I think we should all take several moments and thank those in the armed forces, those in law enforcement, and those in emergency services for their service in keeping this country free! We are so blessed to live in America!  Thank you, veterans, active military, reserves, police officers, deputies, firefighters, EMS…..

Remember 9-11? That is all I have to think of to know how fortunate we are to live here and how we all come together in an emergency….

I am posting a link to a blog that is so inspiring to me. Alycia from Colorado started out making quilts of valor for just a few soldiers but this ministry has grown phenomenally. This year (as of May) she ended up providing more than 700 quilts to wounded soldiers in Colorado…with the help of a whole on-line community of quilters as well as her local folks. She has been delivering them to the soldiers as the military calls her. Her posts on the deliveries are really touching and drive home some of what these soldiers have sacrificed for us. Take time to read them. Thank a soldier.


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