Table Rock Lake with Robert & Shelli

Last Friday, the Hunter, Mini-me, Munchie, and I all went to Table Rock Lake to meet my brother, Robert, and his girlfriend, Shelli. This is a whole different kind of lake experience than what we are used to as we left the bass boat home. Robert has a 25′ Crownline ski/pleasure boat. Wouldn’t have been very social if we had brought our own boat and wandered off fishing all day, now would it? LOL

The kids had a blast. Robert had two tubes he pulled behind it at once. Munchie, naturally, was all over it immediately. Mini-me wasn’t so sure…LOL. But he hunkered down and tubed also.

Nikki & JeffMunchie and Daddy here….

Bob piloting the boatRobert driving the boat.

Matt & DaddyThe Hunter and Mini-me. The first time, Mini-me hunkered down a bit too much and kept hitting his chin on the tube. The second time he sat up more and did much better.

Nikki on the pink air mattressOf course, Munchie HAD to have the pink air mattress. She floated around on this quite a while.

Matt on tubeMini-me had a blast playing around on this tube. He wasn’t big on getting in the water, but he sure got brave on this! He almost fell in several times…

Clayton and ShelliThis picture has Clayton and Shelli. Clayton is the son of Shelli’s friend, Tiffany. Robert was terrorizing Clayton by splashing him from the other tube. Shelli went out to show Clayton some tips to get back at Robert…This was one of the tricks they did!

Nikki wiped outMunchie fell asleep…got a 15 minute nap and she was rarin’ to go again. Both kids fell asleep on the way home from the lake.

It was a great time! Thanks, Robert!


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